If you grew up on MTV’s Real World, then you can appreciate a diverse cast in custom built houses across different cities every season.

Book a pod to live in and work out of some the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Sharing open spaces brings people together, breaking down costs and barriers.— join for a night, a week or monthly to co-live the concept with us



Welcome to the future of housing. Become a member of a housing network across the world, where you transfer your stay and not double pay for a home and hotel. 

We believe that housing is anywhere you lay your head. That doesn’t have to be a room, and it doesn’t have to be for a month. If you are sleeping somewhere for one night, that is your housing. 

The economic problem is having to pay for housing twice – for your long term lease and your hotel when you want/need to travel.

Travel is important for your mental health and for the local economy.

If more people could see the world, they would. But there are cost prohibiters.

PodSharing solves that: live and work anywhere across our housing network by transferring your pod. If you are sleeping out then you don’t pay for that night. As the network grows, so do your access points.

The core of our model is the open shared floor plan

There is trust in transparency and security in large numbers

Cost brings you here, but you stay for the community

No minimum or maximum stays

No security deposit or proof of income

Cash, card, electronic payment accepted

Utilize shared amenities at any other PodShare

Unlimited transfers across PodShares

10pm check-out of the building with bag storage

Basic needs are met (stocked toiletries, some food)

We clean, maintain, furnish, and pay for utilities

PodShare is bridge housing or “try-before-you-buy” into a long-term lease

Staff hand-build each location and live across them. We implement rules that we live by - such as 10pm quiet hours, no outside guests (we have enough roommates), and zero tolerance for bullying, drug use or inebriation. We don’t care about your credit score or where you came from, so long as you are a respectful roommate and good person whilst PodSharing with us.