The hybrid of long and short term roommates

Apartments house long-term roommates, hostels host short term roommates but PodShare is 50/50 hybrid of both - and that’s what makes it special.

We covered the benefits of one fixed price to live across a housing network, breaking up payments to afford monthly stays, so now let’s try-before-you-buy in to a long term lease in a neighborhood you’ve only read about.


Moving to a new city without a couch to crash on or you’ve over stayed your welcome on said couch, so how are you to meet locals?

Average hotel or airbnb is $130/night so that will eat into your security deposit real fast.

Finding a home before finding a job may mean a long commute, which is costly on your paycheck, time and the environment.

Why find roommates online, when you can find roommates in pods all around you.

You may have a certain misconception about a neighborhood or city, so why not live there for a week or more before signing a lease.

Some places want proof of income and 2 months down, you may need to “buy time” in a PodShare before finding a permanent home.