Venice is as expensive as any coastal city could be at 45% higher rates than the average rent in other parts of LA (RentCafe)

With its deep history of musicians, skaters and surfers, could those same lifestyles afford today’s housing prices?

In this economy, we have 2 choices: move out of expensive neighborhoods or share more in them. .Podestrians choose to come together to afford living by co-living. All of your basic needs are met: food in the fridge, toiletries stocked, utilities, cleaning, maintenance, security sorted.We accept in-state residents, don’t have minimum or maximum stays, don’t require a security deposit nor proof of income. If you are a respectful roommate, join our community and live nomadically across our network.

PodShare Venice is blocks from the beach, a short stroll to the canals and one long block to Abbot Kinney. We are SO lucky to have 4,000 square feet of GRASS and full court basketball. Behind our wooden gate on a bustling corner across from the public library, enjoy a game of volleyball, soccer, ping pong or lounge on the hammock. This place is so serene for morning yoga, mid-day meditation, and co-working on the patio or conference room. The kitchen is stocked with shared foods, so help yourself to that and brew more coffee for the house 🙂

Pro Tip: rent our conference room on Peerspace for $25/hr up to 15 people

32 twin size pods across 2 aisles, all facing each other with different penmanship of co-ed names across each chosen pod. If there is no name, then you are free to select is yours for any duration that you wish to call this home. Up-cycled palette wood from the city streets align the walls, and sit below the iMac computers you’re welcome to use (with Adobe Creative Suite). In the back, by the second kitchen are 4 queen size pods and our novel attempt to maximize small spaces even more: the Murphy pod in full size. Every other Murphy Pod model is in twin size, but here we experimented with a desk to bed pod version that sleeps 2.

Pro Tip: purchase a day pass for just $15 for access to our all of our shared amenities (not pod) from 10am-10pm

Generally our day pass is used by local freelancers tired of their small apartments, distracting roommates, or the same local coffee shops. To our surprise, it has also been more frequently utilized for showers & wifi by folks living out of their cars. If this is you, don’t be ashamed. Housing is expensive, and we love that you can lean on us as your safe place. We only ask for a CC on file for incidentals.

More Americans are accepting PodSharing in Venice this past year, than any year before (since 2012)