Welcome to the Rise of the Freelance Economy. The future is “access not ownership” so we are establishing “access points” across the city from Downtown Los Angeles to Venice Beach. Millennials don’t own a gym at home, they buy a membership. We don’t subscribe to cable television, we watch Netflix. We don’t buy CDs we stream music. American car sales are on the decline because we Lyft or Uber. We can rent a bicycle, get a degree online, have our meals delivered to us, and document our entire lives on social media. We make decisions based on trust (reviews) + value (location) + price point (affordable).


Housing is unaffordable and limited to one address.


When you travel, you pay 2 rents - one for an empty place to store your stuff and the second for place that you are physically staying in. 

What if you were a minimalist who was part of a housing network? Would you be richer with experiences and spending cash since you would constantly transfer your accommodations instead of paying double?

Redesigned bunk bed

Pods are 50sq ft. custom built sleeping spaces

Affordable housing

One price to live across expensive neighborhoods

Adaptive reuse of space

Change of use of commercially zoned buildings

Maximum collisions

Inclusive floor plan that fosters and secures

Location independent

Tribes of small interconnected communities

Included Subscriptions

Access to events, gyms, software, entertainment

PodShare disrupts traditional housing with

Beds across a city / instead of in one building

Short & long term roommates

One large room / instead of hallways and doors

One fixed cost / instead of variables for utilities & supplies

Choose Two:

Affording the best location with private room is a privilege, but if you had to select only two, which would you choose?

  • Cost
  • Privacy
  • Neighborhood