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@Airbnb this is equivalent to suspending a child for getting a B in class! I understand 3.5 ratings for suspension but you are taking us offline for 4.2 out of 5! Please amend this policy you call "host standards" as if we are not meeting a low threshold. https://t.co/S9SgwkPICT PodShare photo
@mo_robo_pls @latimes Why not take us up on our offer to stay at our 7 or 10 bed location instead?
We couldn’t afford a tree this year so the girls of DTLA got creative! #diy #xmas #notreenoproblem #girlpower #handmade #workwithwhatyougot https://t.co/yB7x3dvHUi PodShare photo
Our small business was featured in a @Lenovo commercial talking about saving time and money by living where you work! #freelancer #remotework #livework #digitalnomad #minimalism https://t.co/O9vzJAeexu
Catch our new episode of PodSharing @ https://t.co/pXoHJiyWmv -- follow Belle as she learns how to drive, breaks up with Evan and gets relationship advice. https://t.co/dri83igwG3