10am to 10pm

Utilize any shared amenity such as the stocked showers, bathrooms, full kitchen, Wifi, iMacs with Adobe suite, printers, parking, lounges, bicycles, lockers, and access to events.

$15 Day Pass

Pay $15 for the day or it’s included in your housing membership. Never a down payment, just sign the terms of use and hang out. Pods are excluded in this rate.

Across the Network

Access any PodShare location for the day pass hours should you be waiting out traffic, getting out of the heat/cold or just need a place to work.

 If you are living in your car; come use our computers, shower,

and eat something in the kitchen.

There is a population that cannot afford housing but has the security of their car. They are homeless, but have jobs in the gig economy or chasing their dreams which requires certain sacrifices. Let PodShare be a judgment-free zone for you to spend the day. We all deserve dignity and respect. You can ace that test or interview better with a hot shower (we provide the towel & toiletries) and some food in your stomach.

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