Where have all the artists gone?

The Arts district is downtown, but more local and easier on parking.

We are East of Boyle Heights (over the bridge) with a Mariachi band in the city square, a 10 minute walk north to Union Station (as a main artery for transportation by train or bus) just past great ramen and sushi in Little Tokyo, and to our West is the official downtown with breweries, coffee shops, museums and shopping. 

Our group housing model here is made up of artists - musicians, videographers, marketers, gym buffs, and folks that cannot afford any other place on the brink of homelessness. We have always been a community of have and have nots. Travelers have disposable income and long termers do not. But it works because people share, and ultimately want to be good to each other - especially when reciprocated. 

In the spirit of the Arts District, a Podestrian named Braga painted a chicano version of Rosie the Riveter on our building.

Downtown is a concrete jungle and its style is grunge, so our location uses upcycled wood palettes and a kitchen entirely made out of OSB.

Instead of a murphy pod, at this location we used space in a different way and built our first iteration of a triple decker pod. As everything, we will iterate on this design but here she is