Live anywhere across our network for $60/night, $350/week or $1,200/month with no security deposit. We are the first membership-based housing model. To join, simply book a stay.


PodShare is made up of all ages, genders, preferences and creeds. Our open floor plan offers maximum collisions to meet new people and never feel alone.


Budget yourself with one price for housing, all utilities, furnishings, maintenance, cleaning, and essentials in the fridge like bread/milk/ramen etc.

While I was staying at the various Podshares, I loved the range of people who I crossed paths with and the reasons why they were choosing Podshare. Young people who were relocating to Los Angeles to either launch their careers and take a chance on the big city, to those who had already got the job and had started working but needed to work out where they would live permanently. Lots of students, musicians and young actors thriving off what LA and community living at Podshare offers. You roll into town knowing no one but in 24 hours at Podshare you have 10 different invitations on what do do that night, and a bunch of like minded new friends. I bumped into and had great conversations about contemporary music with a bunch of guys from Detroit who were in LA to meet with a producer. One of them sat all afternoon at the Hollywood big table on his little mixer devising beats to impress! Such devotion and I’d seen them that morning as a group wake early, go for a run to then return to the Podshare to out plank each other. The stories your staff have, and I’m guessing here for the tidbits of life they did share, who have been challenged and dealt with homelessness to see them operate and own the space and see what purpose and control over their lives working at Podshare gives them is quietly amazing. This may not translate but think it’s like you bumping into an NBL player...of a star team...that you didn’t was midnight and I was reading in the Hollywood Podshare ( the smallest Podshare which I LOVED) and two young men walked in and politely introduced themselves to me, immediately due to the accent i knew they are ‘my kind’ we get talking and due to my questions on what do you do where do you live, one whispers he’s a West Coast Eagle, so he’s an elite sportsperson that plays AFL football in one of Australia’s top AFL teams...the people you meet at Podshare!


We’re here to cure world loneliness

If you’re afraid of the dark or don’t like to be alone then PodShare is a great home for you. If you are traveling solo, then you can meet locals and other tourists alike. And if you are working remote as a digital nomad or fulfilling you California dream, then our housing is an affordable model to live across.