Iconic Hollywood, is it what you dreamed of?

Hollywood is where it all started for PodShare. November of 2011 a lease was signed and we rode the curtails of the sharing economy all the way into the subscription economy (internet TV, blogs, carshares/scooters, gyms, dating).   

From 2012 to 2015, we only operated one PodShare. All of our hypotheses were tested at this 1200 sq ft 10 pod location to create our rule book. 

Design wise, we built the original with drywall. Due to politics, we tore it all down 3 years later and furnished the unit as a co-working space before realizing that flex desks are not what people want (coffee shops do it best). Over time, we were able to re-configure 7 pods along with desks and a soundbooth for podcasting.

Hollywood/Vine has seen a lot of development in the last decade, which means all new units are $2,000 per month and up. Local hotels are $250+ per night, and the hostels average $50/night but don’t accept locals or stays past 3 weeks.

PodShare has a presence every 8 miles in LA city, and Hollywood is the central HQ. The concept has always been numerous locations sprinkled versus one large location per state, so doesn’t matter.

This location utilizes pipe ladders, stairs with drawers, a murphy pod, two 10ft tables, an airplane wing computer table decked with Adobe CC, and Xbox on the ground floor of a small street off of the iconic Hollywood Blvd.