For years, our model has been looked as a creative means to increase density - which helps get people into shelter fast in order to “buy time”  to find income, permanent housing and roommates. Our floor plan naturally builds trust through transparency, and connects people through collisions to say “we are in this together”

PodShare for Social Good is a pending 501(c)3 to raise money to build a location that uses our custom pods in underutilized commercial buildings (where residential neighbors are further away) to communally house people who receive the services they need to get back on their feet.

Think of PodShare as a shoe. In the beginning it was used as a flip flop for travelers to see the city with, these last 3 years it has become a sneaker for convenient housing, and soon it can be a boot to get through life’s harder points.

As Angelenos we must all do our part

From drop-in centers, safe parking, discounts, host home programs, soup kitchens - we can all help in some way.

Ways to help


Offer your property for social good at a discount


Help us with the expenses of building out a location


Land use knowledge, expediters, advice, connections


Lumber, mattresses, house-hold items, furnishings

The private sector is more nimble and can take greater risks.

PodShare for Social Good has the intention is to build one location as a template for more - that’s how we proved the concept out in 2012. This organization would service the most vulnerable of the already vulnerable homeless population: women, youth and veterans.


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