Diversity is the root of our community:

diverse options, places and people

PodShare is a home. Your roommates may be long or short term, international or American, any gender and age. What they all bring with them are life-long experiences. 

Come for the cost, stay for the community.

Housing is unaffordable. By sharing, costs lessen. Subconsciously, we identify with people different from ourselves in close quarters. Upon departure, we take these experiences with us.

Sharing breaks down walls that over time could make one a more educated voter, kinder neighbor, empathetic employer, better collaborator, and grateful citizen. 

Elvina Beck, founder of PodShare

(and an ongoing PodShare resident)

Elvina Beck talks about the origins of PodShare, a co-living space based in Los Angeles with several outposts plus one in San Francisco, how it works as a co-living space, the circumstances that led her to found the platform, and what her lifestyle is like as an entrepreneur and PodShare resident