Lease us your buildings

PodShare is always seeking commercial buildings in high foot traffic neighborhoods with tall ceilings, where the average apartment and hotel is 50% more expensive so folks have an incentive to share.

We maximize on small spaces with tall ceilings, so size really doesn’t matter. The goal of PodShare is to offer a macro look into multiple neighborhoods, not have everyone in one building across multiple cities.

Commercial buildings only - we don’t take housing off the market, we create new units. Shared housing, because we believe in the collective good. So a warehouse type of building, with no walls, is ideal.

Since our members don’t have cars, location is key. Ground floor units please, because we house the Joe and Janes of the world.

We will most likely change the use of your building but will offer decades long tenancy at market rate.

Contact us for leads, invitations to be your long term tenant!