Everyone who works at PodShare, lives at PodShare.

If you are in the city for 2+ months or relocating, then get to know it and an awesome group of people by living and working with us an RA!

We prefer working with RA’s who have already lived at PodShare, but that is not a requirement. If you have a community-centric drive, are not afraid to roll up your sleeves, and are looking for a hands-on gig then apply!

For those of you who could see PodShare becoming a career, then definitely apply to move-in. We grow our company from within, so to run your own PodShare one day, learn the ropes at our existing locations.

As an RA, you can co-live across our housing network and experience neighborhoods for free while learning valuable lessons in hospitality. You will always have a friendly face at every desk greeting you as one of our own.


RA’s get access to our events that are local and unique.

You can also organize your own!