February 11, 2022

About a 17 min walk from Venice Podshare, is a cafe shoppe called Dues Ex Machina. The name is a Latin term, borrowed from a Greek phrase meaning "god from the machine." The aesthetic is mostly steampunk w hints of bohemian surf. They also have a clothing store attached to the cafe! They had drink specials so I got the Butter Rum Iced Latte. The baristas were so friendly & agreed to be in the photo which I thought was cute 🙂 The iced latte didn’t have a super strong flavor of butter rum but I like when I can taste the coffee. The portion was absolutely perfect as well.  I decided to sit outside and enjoy the outdoor seating. The cafe vibe was nice, everyone there was working or taking business calls so it was a very professional vibe. After that I walked around the shop area to see what that was about. It was a surfer style aesthetic, which of course is very on brand for Venice. If you love surfing and motorcycles you will absolutely fall in love with this place!